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Do you dream to give up the suburbs and move into the country to live a rustic lifestyle in a log cabin? Just inherited a piece of land or you currently own hunting land on which you want to construct a log cabin that is a part of nature overlooking a river or a fantastic mountain view? The one thing standing between this dream of yours and reality is—money.

If your property isn’t of the standard brick-and-tile construction, a lot of lenders won’t look at it, largely because unconventional properties are seen as harder to sell. However, not all lenders refuse a mortgage on non-traditional properties.

In today’s tight credit market, banks are more restrictive on lending out money and mortgaging an unconventional home such as a log cabin will be looked at more cautiously.  The reason why banks look at unconventional homes differently is due to the higher risk associated with them.  If you were to default on the mortgage and go into foreclosure, how much money could the bank recover?  Unconventional homes are just that—unconventional—which means they are not what the typical homebuyer might be interested in buying.

This is why it’s important to go with someone who knows all the ins and outs of the process of financing unconventional properties, as we here a Sean Clift Mortgage are.

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